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How to Remove a User from a SharePoint 2010 Site Collection

Posted in SharePoint, Technical By Doug Allen @ 5/11/2011

I was troubleshooting a recent issue with the User Profile Service, where I would make a change to a user account in Active Directory (like a spelling correction).  The Profile Sync would occur and I would verify that the correct spelling was in the profile.  However, the change did not replicate to the site collection like it was supposed to.  This normally happens via a SharePoint timer job named User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization.  It’s described function is:

“Synchronizes user information from the user profile application to SharePoint users and synchronizes site memberships from SharePoint to the user profile application”

Well for whatever reason, it wasn’t doing that.  To correct the issue, there can be a couple fixes:

  1. Make a change to one of the fields via Central Administration like Title.  Save this change, then re-open the profile and set it back to what it’s supposed to be.  This will sometimes force the sync to run properly.
  2. Remove the user from the site collection and re-add them

This is what did it for me.  To do this, perform the following:

  1. As a site collection administrator, click Site Actions –> Site Permissions
  2. Click into any existing group (like site Owners).  The URL will be something like http://server/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupID=28.
  3. Change the 28 to a 0.  The list should now show you All People. 
  4. Find the user who isn’t updating, click the checkbox by their name.  Click Actions, Delete Users from Site Collection.
  5. Now add the user back to the appropriate group, and their spelling should be correct.

Remove a user from a site collection



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    Posted by Dirk on 11/8/2013
    Still useful, even for SharePoint 2013. Thanks a lot, helped much for cleaning a migrated site collection.
    Posted by SPAdam on 7/30/2013
    Well, there are multiple ways to Delete Users from SharePoint Site Collection:

    1. You can delete users using SharePoint Web Interface
    2. Delete users from SharePoint site using PowerShell (Bulk Delete also possible)
    3. Remove users from SharePoint programmatically using C#

    Find all possible ways at:
    Posted by BJ on 2/20/2013
    HaHa! I've been wondering where 2010 kept this info. Many thanks!
    Posted by Wim on 11/13/2012

    You just saved my day.

    thank you very much.
    Posted by David on 1/17/2012
    Thank you! That group variable trick will definitely come in handy.

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